Plan of the gallery-flat

Live in Art

‘Image-Rooms and Rest-Places’ – a project near Winterfeldplatz in Berlin-Schöneberg

Live in Art‘ creates a different kind of living space, not so much dominated by furniture, but by works of art. It here can be experienced in spacious rooms, which allow proximity to one’s daily life, yet also allow one to distance oneself from it. The project stands for a different approach to our time: instead of associating art with private and public spaces, it can here temporarily be lived in. The daily routine of work, meals, sleep, etc. continues as usual because of the comfort of the rooms, but is experienced differently because of the large-scale painting-installations and photographic floor-images. The traditional ‘Berliner Zimmer’ (Berlin living-room) has only one view, gains, however, several views because of the artwork. It leads to the so-called ‘Zimmer Berlin’ (Room Berlin), which invites one to explore Berlin’s long forgotten construction sites. Also, there are a number of images of the Berlin Wall to view, which again lets one sway between past and present. Only by way of this intimate experience of ‘living in art’ can one assess whether what there is to view is worth another view: the curiosity and desire to be challenged a tenth time and to be fascinated time and again.

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