Transgressing the Baroque

Exhibition from March 17 – Sept 20, 2006

Albertina, Vienna, Austria

Walk-on picture-installations from the exhibition “Mozart Experiment Aufklärung” (‘Mozart and the Experiment of the Enlightenment’), Da Ponte Research Center for Applied Humanities and Opera Studies, as shown during the Mozart-Year 2006.

… see also Eva Koethen “Photography -> Floor Images -> Baroque” as well as the chapter “Experiment ‘Fruchtbarer Niedergang'” (‘Experiment ‘Fruitful Decline’) in E.K.: “Das Experiment des Findens als Verfahrensweise in Wissenschaft und Kunst” (‚The Experiment of the Find as Method in Research and Art’), Österreichische Forschungsgemeinschaft, online publication, 2010, pp. 9-13 (in German)