Victim with Guardian Angel

Painting-Installation and Text on ‘Longings Touch the Heart Addictions Touch Life’

Exhibition on May 28, 1999

Performance Space of the Hamburger Bahnhof / Museum for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany
(On the occasion of the ‘Award of the German Federal Cross of Merit’ to Dr. med. Hansjürgen Keller)

Text in: Eva Koethen, “Sehnsüchte berühren das Herz, Süchte aber das Leben” (‘Longings Touch the Heart Addictions Touch Life’) in Aufgang, Jahrbuch für Denken, Dichten, Musik, vol. 2 (ed. J.S. de Murillo and M. Thurner), Kohlhammer-Verlag, Stuttgart 2005; in German).