Plan for a Picture-Bridge, 18th-21st Century


Opulence, Sweetness, Mask, and Play

The picture-bridge placed at one’s feet here is held together by a same-size grid of photographs which juxtapose the playful features of the Rococo with architectural plans from the past and present. In between visual poetry of the everyday unfolds, impacts on the whole, and draws out the characteristics of the individual elements. The tension between the underlying structure, the ‘grid of cognition’ created by way of the same-size grid of photographs, and the diversity of the depicted reality motivate one’s perception. At the same time, the inherent spatialization undergoes de-spatialization as the various constellations resulting from visual engagement with the installation produce rhythms that link the most unlike things as a ‘musical’ text.


Selected Literature:

Eva Koethen: “Ambiguität als künstlerische Haltung und ästhetisches Muster” (‘Ambiguity as Artistic Approach and Aesthetic Pattern’) in “Mozart Experiment Aufklärung” (‘Mozart and the Experiment of the Enlightenment’), Hatje-Cantz Verlag, Vienna 2006 (in German); see also the exhibition catalogue of the exhibition by the same name, Da Ponte Research Center for Applied Humanities and Opera Studies, Albertina, Vienna 2006 (in German)

Catalogue: Eva Koethen “Tritt-Bilder” – Aktionen und Ausstellungen 1998-2005
(‘Step-on-Pictures’ – Performances and Exhibitions, 1998-2005)
Berlin – Tokyo 2005, 49 pages (available)
Download: “Tritt-Bilder” (‘Step-on-Pictures’) (pdf-file, 3.1 MB)